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Our main goal is to exceed our customers expectations by providing quality products that complement their day to day needs. At Trojan, product quality is in our DNA and it forms part of our formal quality management system and is certified to ISO 9001.  By strictly following our comprehensive and effective procedures to monitor the quality of the fuels we supply, we are able to respond to changing customer, industry and statutory requirements.


As part of the system, we monitor the quality of our fuel at different points in the supply chain and have formal procedures and service level agreements for all our terminal partners.

• We carry out monthly testing for water and microbiological activity on diesel tanks at all the terminals where we store fuel.


• Independent inspectors test our fuel before it is released for loading onto a petrol tanker, to check that it complies with our sales specification and with the relevant quality standard


• We test any product which we buy before it enters any of our tanks. We retain product samples.


• Strict procedures are in place to prevent fuel stored in a tank in one of our terminals from being contaminated as a result of incorrect pumping activity (cross-overs).


• We have formal service level agreements with all our terminal operators which cover communication and quality control, so that in the event of an issue we can quickly trace its origin

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