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Trojan fuel is sourced from reputable and recognisable sources around the globe  and is quality assured. we are the only supplier with a truly national Kenyan footprint, supplying fuel all over the country.

The benefits include:

• Eight retail stations located around the country, giving you unparalleled supply security.

• Availabity of all fuel grades - unleaded, premium-unleaded, diesel and Kerosene and LPG

  • Tro-gas

    This is either butane or a mixture of butane and propane gas at ambient, stored and transported as liquid and applied at burner as gas through valve and regulator. Produces as a by-product of chemical processes in refinery (reforming and cracking)

  • Fuel Oil

    This is viscous fuel from residue in crude oil distillation used for ‘Diesel’ engines in power generation and marine vessels, industrial boilers and furnaces. Has high sulphur content (3.7%) and also mineral matters such as sodium, calcium, iron, nickel and vanadium.

  • Gasoline

    These are volatile liquid used in spark ignition engines. The defining property is research Octane Number (RON) which is the measure of the ability of gasoline to control knocking in engines. PMS (91RON) has higher performance while regular gasoline (87RON) has less performance.

    Lead free gasoline called aviation gasoline (AVGAS) is the high octane gasoline for light aircrafts (RON 100 Plus).


  • Crude Oil

    This is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons with small amounts of sulphur, nitrogen, salt and water. Crude basic raw materials are used for petroleum and petro-chemical industries.

  • Dual Purpose kerosene(Jet A1 or Iluminating kersene)

    This was the most important fuel before advent of vehicles. Jet A1 is for Turbo or jet engines while illuminating kerosene is for domestic lighting and heating.


    Jet A1 is critically controlled on freezing point and cleaniness from particulate matters and water. Therefore its handling, storage, servicing equipment must meet stringent international quality/safety specification procedures and checks of joint fueling system checklist.


  • Automotive Gas Oil(AGO)

    Fuel used for diesel injection engines i.e. light and heavy vehicles, locomotives, marine boats, power generators, pumps, mills, etc.

  • Industrial Gas Oil

    Fuel heavier than gas oil which is dyed black with 4% fuel oil mainly used for heating and steam generation (smaller duty boilers

  • Lubricants

    These are substances (often liquid) introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction hence improving efficiency and reducing wear. It is a term used to encompass all lubricating base oil derived from crude oil. They are composed of a majority of base oil (90% Petroleum products) and a minority of additives (10%) to insert desirable characteristics

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