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Global sourcing

We buy petroleum products from across the world and transport them to oil terminals in the Kenya. This is a complex process as we have to ensure that international supply chain adequately support our storage capacity and customer requirements. A blend of financial instruments and expertise enables us to manage our exposure to oil price and currency movements.


Storage and infrastructure

Trojan is committed to achieving cost efficiencies and economies of scale to drive sales growth. To support this, we are expanding on our extensive infrastructure platform in the Kenya by investing in storage facilities. Currently our largest state of the art storage facility is at Nanyuki


Trojan has a qualified team of drivers who make hundreds of deliveries to customers and to our retail stations every week and operate an established tanker fleet carrying the Trojan brand. 99% of our deliveries are made within the delivery window agreed with our customers.

We also remotely monitor and manage fuel stocks so as to ensure that Trojan customers get Trojan brands as and when they need them thus complementing their day to day energy needs.


Innovation is our way of life

Trojan has always demonstrated that innovation is in its DNA. Innovation has transformed us from a small petroleum trading firm into Kenya’s largest private sector enterprise. Our innovations touch many facets of life in the region. Our bold ambitions for Trojan and for Kenya push us to create an innovation agenda that is even bolder; ensuring that consequent wave of growth will remain innovation-led.  This is through investing in sophisticate IT systems that automate our processes, create efficiencies and make life simple.

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Think Energy, Think Trojan

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